Digital Exhibition Tour

With our digital exhibition tour "Learning about Anne", pupils from 14 years onwards have the opportunity to get to know the Berlin exhibition of the Anne Frank Zentrum digitally.

The online material consists of three short videos and additional work assignments in the form of interactive, barrier-free PDFs. The videos are subtitled and translated into international sign language. The videos and the worksheets are suitable for blind and visually impaired students*.

The material is also available in German.  

In the three videos our peer guides show the exhibition "All about Anne". The students* learn more about Anne Frank's life and her diary. They deal with the topic of identity and they learn about current forms of antisemitism.


Duration: approx. 45 minutes
Age: from 14 years
Group size: any 
Price: free of charge




We would be very pleased to receive feedback on this pedagogical offer by e-mail to ausstellung[at]


In preparation for the programme, materials on Anne Frank can be ordered from the online shop.