»Anne Frank. here & now«

The permanent exhibition "Anne Frank. here & now" can be seen at the Anne Frank Zentrum in Berlin-Mitte. It is an exhibition about history and the present. It tells the personal life story of Anne Frank and connects it to the world she lived in.

Anne Frank's diary is today a symbol as well as a document - a symbol of the genocide of the Jews by the National Socialists, and an intimate document of the life and thoughts of a young writer. Large collages of pictures and special objects describe Anne Frank's world, that of her family and friends in the context of National Socialism, the persecution of the Jews and the Second World War.
In her diary Anne Frank dealt with many topics and wrote down her thoughts on them. In the exhibition young people from Berlin have their say about questions to which Anne was also trying to find answers. These are on the one hand very personal questions about identity, values and the future, and on the other hand general questions about war, discrimination and civil courage. The exhibition asks visitors to consider these questions as well.
Anne Frank's diary has now been translated into more than 60 languages and millions of people all over the world have read it. For the first time, this exhibition provides information on the question as to why Anne Frank's diary in particular is so famous today. The exhibition offers many pictures, documents, objects and films. Theme-based modules and computer workstations turn the exhibition into a place of active learning and make a visit a special experience.
We offer different ways of accompanying school groups and groups of young people through the exhibition, as well as different project days.

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Visitor information

Entrance to the exhibition

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Entrance to the exhibition

The Anne Frank Zentrum is located in the heart of Berlin on the Hackescher Markt in the »Mitte« borough. Here the exhibition »Anne Frank. here & now« is on display. We offer guided visits for school classes and youth groups.
The exhibition focuses on the diary and the story of the life of Anne Frank. But via listening stations and portrait films young people of Berlin also have their say, dealing with current questions and so forming a connection to the present.
Together with the exhibition we offer an educational programme in which young tutors accompany school classes and youth groups through the exhibition and help to explain it in a dialogue with the students. The programmes are suitable for children and young people from the age of 10 as well as adults. We hope that all visitors follow our general regulations and have consideration for everyone’s stay.
The Anne Frank Zentrum is one of a cluster of different cultural institutions in a single historical building, the Schwarzenberg House. Besides the Anne Frank Zentrum this house at Rosenthaler Strasse 39 also contains the Museum »Otto Weidt's Workshop for the Blind«, the Central cinema, the Neurotitan gallery and the Eschloraque bar. Here you can also find other small exhibitions, workshops, studios and a tailor's shop. The tour of the Schwarzenberg House provides visitors with an insight into the various institutions and the history of the house.

How to get to the exhibition


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Anne Frank Zentrum
Rosenthaler Straße 39
10178 Berlin

S-Bahn and Tram station: Hackescher Markt
U8 station: Weinmeisterstraße

Opening hours
Tuesday to sunday: 10.00 - 18.00
Closed on Mondays                                                                 

Entry fees
Adults: 5 Euro
Concessions: 3 Euro
Families 12 Euro
Children under the age of ten: free

You can find the prices for group programmes with the respective programme description.
The exhibition is accessible for wheelchair users.

Information for visitors and group reservations

Anka Jahneke
Exhibition and education
Tel.: +49/302888656-10

General regulations for visitors