Anne Frank  l  Anne Frank – a diary travels around the world 

Anne Frank – a diary travels around the world

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Millions of people throughout the world know the diary of Anne Frank. Anne Frank was born to Jewish parents in 1929 in Frankfurt/Main. In 1933 her family fled from the terror of the National Socialists to Amsterdam. After the German troops invaded the Netherlands Anne Frank and her family hid in the rear annex to a house in Amsterdam. There Anne Frank wrote her world-famous diary.After the betrayal of their hiding place in 1944 Anne Frank and her family were deported. Anne Frank died in 1945 in the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp at the age of 15. Through the publication of her diary Anne Frank has become a symbol of the millions of Jews who fell victim to the racist extermination policy of the National Socialists.You can find detailed information about Anne Frank's life on the following websites:

Anne Frank House, Amsterdam (

The site of the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam carries comprehensive and up-to-date information about Anne Frank and her story.

Anne Frank Webguide (

The Anne Frank web guide is a unique and unparalleled online database with information and source material about Anne Frank and the Second World War.

Anne Franks Tree (

Anne in de buurt (

This website offers Dutch language information about the flat on the Merwedeplein which includes a photographic tour of the flat.